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We closely cooperate with the American creators of the innovative MRT technology and the LEAP Program. We are a laboratory carrying out MRT tests for the whole of Europe, authorized by the producer – Oxford Biomedical Technologies.


Patients carrying out tests at our centers receive interpretation of the results, which are individually customised by certified LEAP Program Consultants. Our laboratory is a registered medical entity enrolled on the register of the National Chamber of Laboratory Diagnosticians. The MRT tests as well as the high-tech analyzers used for carrying them out are CE marked and comply with safety requirements for medical devices for diagnostics and in vitro. Our personnel are highly qualified. See for yourself.

Who is behind it? –Oxford Biomedical Technologies

Oxford Biomedical Technologies, Inc. is a medical laboratory with headquarters in Florida. Since the introduction of the patented MRT test (Mediator Release Test) and the individual nutrition program LEAP based upon it that eliminates the inflammatory state, Oxford Biomedical Technologies has conducted over 4.5 million food hypersensitivity tests, helping many patients with various illnesses and ailments.

Oxford Biomedical Technologies

Oxford Biomedical Technologies is not only a laboratory but also a pioneer in the field of diagnostic technology development and therapeutic protocols connected with food hypersensitivity, holding both American as well as international patents.

Iso-Lab experience

The MRT test has been entered into the register of medical devices and ISO-LAB is a registered medical entity and the sole performer of the test in Europe. Modern equipment used primarily for scientific purposes is used in the examination, including the flow cytometer, thanks to which very precise measurements are achieved. We also cooperate with foreign dietitians. Take advantage of this opportunity and send us material samples by air.

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Health and well-being are priceless and mutually dependent. As the human body is the system in which we constantly function, we should try to take care of it  The key to maintaining harmony is listening to yourself and understanding the signals which your body sends you. We strive to be healthier and, as a result, more attractive. Thanks to the MRT test and the LEAP Program we help to achieve a steady state for all patients.


Where to conduct the MRT test?

What is the MRT test ?

The MRT – Mediator Release Test – is an innovative method of detecting food hypersensitivity states as well as defining the reaction level of white blood cells to particular foods.

Who is it for?

For everyone! Most of us are struggling with health problems, which may be a sign of food hypersensitivity.

Medical knowledge MRT

Development of the MRT test is the result of many years of research into food hypersensitivity conducted by Dr Marka Pasula, an immunologist and scientist.

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