LEAP – Patients’ opinions

These patients have already carried out an MRT Test and implemented the LEAP Program. See how their lives have changed and the results they have achieved.


I have atopic skin, which I manage to control. However, a few years ago I experienced an aggressive inflammatory state – itchy skin extended from my ankles to my neck. After nine months of dermatological treatment, I saw only a slight improvement. Finally, on the advice of a female friend, I decided on the MRT Test. To my surprise – after just three weeks of following the LEAP Program – all inflammatory changes had completely disappeared, as well as all marks and skin discoloration, souvenirs of the inflammatory state. I felt superb, and I also had lost seven kilos. Since that time, I haven’t had major skin problems even though I don’t follow the LEAP Program 100%.

Anna Kondratowicz, editor-in-chief of the WirtualnaKlinika.pl portal

Following the LEAP Program based on my MRT results allowed me to rid myself of most stomach disorders that had been nagging me for years. It allowed me to permanently change my nutrition habits, which is an additional advantage of this examination. I feel great!

Wojciech Sobczyński, graphic designer

Experts’ opinions

Tests are conducted via the most precise patented measurement technologies avail-able, on an MRT III analyzer, which combines advanced flow cytometry technology with Ribbon Impedance Technology. It is the only test in the world which not only examines the level of inflammatory reaction exacerbation, but also shows with what intensity dif-ferent populations of leukocytes react. Thanks to which it is extremely precise!

Dr Joanna Gawlikowska, doctor of aesthetic medicine, LEAP Program consultant

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Drugi Lekarz


Where to conduct the MRT test?

About the LEAP program

LEAP (Lifestyle Eating and Performance) is an individually tailored nutrition program, developed based on the results of the MRT Test.

Medical knowledge LEAP

The LEAP program is more than a computer-generated diet plan based on test results. Take advantage of our Certified Consultants.

What is the MRT test ?

The MRT – Mediator Release Test – is an innovative method of detecting food hypersensitivity states as well as defining the reaction level of white blood cells to particular foods.

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