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Development of the MRT test is the result of many years of research into food hypersensitivity conducted by Dr Marka Pasula, an immunologist and scientist.


Interest in the topic of food hypersensitivity originated with Dr Mark Pasula’s search for the solution to his own problems with food and chemical allergies. While subjecting himself over two years to more than 200 skin tests performed by an allergist, he was not able to find relief in treating his own ailments, nor was it possible to diagnose the substances triggering them.

Only the so-called cytotoxic test allowed him to define what foods and chemical food additives his organism reacted to in hypersensitivity and to learn that avoiding these substances brought about an improvement.Microscope cytotoxic examination is based on the assessment of white blood cells appearance in blood samples, which were subjected to incubation with the antigens of various foods – it revealed that in one of these preparations the leukocytes did not change, whereas in others they shrank, grew larger or died with varying intensity.

Those initial experiments led to the development and patenting of a more efficient and automated version of the cytotoxic test called ALCAT. This test overcame some of the inconveniences of cytotoxic examination.

The MRT test is the newest and the most precise cytotoxic test of blood which measures the change in the volume ratio of fixed elements to the total volume of the blood sample subjected to exposition and incubation with test substances, so that the total reaction of the blood cells can be defined quantitatively.

The change in volume of the liquid part follows as a result of the cells releasing pro-inflammatory mediators, such as histamine, prostaglandin and leukin. All tests are conducted via the most precise test method currently available (ribbon technology). Scientific research has indicated that the MRT test’s sensitivity in detecting reactive foods reaches 94.5% whereas its specificity amounts to 91.8%.


Where to conduct the MRT test?

What is the MRT test ?

The MRT – Mediator Release Test – is an innovative method of detecting food hypersensitivity states as well as defining the reaction level of white blood cells to particular foods.

Who is it for?

For everyone! Most of us are struggling with health problems, which may be a sign of food hypersensitivity.

Test guarantee

We are a laboratory carrying out MRT tests for the whole of Europe, authorized by the producer – Oxford Biomedical Technologies.

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