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The results of the LEAP Program rely on eliminating foods and substances which trigger non-allergic immunologic reactions in the organism as well as the development and introduction of a customized combination of non-reactive healthy products in a diet. This is the result of many years of research into food hypersensitivity.

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We closely cooperate with the American creators of the innovative MRT technology and the LEAP Program. We are the laboratory carrying out MRT Tests for the whole of Europe, authorized by the producer – Oxford Biomedical Technologies.

Patients carrying out tests at our centers receive interpretation of the results, which are individually customised by certified LEAP Program Consultants. Our laboratory is a registered medical entity enrolled on the register of the National Chamber of Laboratory Diagnosticians. The MRT tests as well as the high-tech analyzers used for carrying them out are CE marked and comply with safety requirements for medical devices for diagnostics and in vitro. We hire highly-qualified personnel.

The MRT Test identifies foods and chemical food additives responsible for inflammatory states in a given person. However, it is the implementation of this knowledge in the form of an individually developed nutrition program that guarantees tangible health benefits.

The LEAP Program (Lifestyle Eating And Performance) is much more than a diet plan generated by a computer on the basis of test results. It was developed based on many years of clinical research carried out on thousands of patients suffering from food hypersensitivity(Oxford Nutrition Centers). From this, a highly-effective nutrition program was developed allowing patients to achieve marked health improvement thanks to quieting the immune system within a short period of time, usually not exceeding one month. Program recommendations are always individually modified by certified LEAP Consultants

Where to conduct the MRT test?

About the LEAP program

LEAP (Lifestyle Eating and Performance) is an individually tailored nutrition program, developed based on the results of the MRT Test.

LEAP – Patients’ opinions

These patients have already carried out an MRT Test and implemented the LEAP Program. See how their lives have changed and the results they have achieved.

What is the MRT test ?

The MRT – Mediator Release Test – is an innovative method of detecting food hypersensitivity states as well as defining the reaction level of white blood cells to particular foods.

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