The Patented Mediator Release Test

The Patented Mediator Release Test (MRT®): A Comprehensive Blood Test for Inflammation Caused by Food and Food-Chemical Sensitivities Download PDF Mark J. Pasula, PhD Introduction There are a wide range of chronic inflammatory conditions where food and food-chemical sensitivities play either a primary or secondary role in generating inflammation and symptoms (Table 1). Fully addressing[…]

Through the intestines leads a road to a medal

“More marathons are won or lost in the porta-toilets than at the dinner table”. These words by Bill Rodgers, a four-time winner of the Boston Marathon, highlight the scale of gastrointestinal ailments that occur in athletes. mgr Dominika Kuczyńska-Schulz Among the group of people training, digestive tract ailments are very common occurring in 30-50% of[…]

The Organism defends itself

Man has tried to combat the onerous symptoms of illnesses for millennia – particularly pain and fever. Over time, natural means were replaced by drugs. Unfortunately, the drugs commonly available are frequently overused and many of them in combination with other substances have undesirable effects that can lead to serious illnesses. Dr Edyta Adamczyk-Kutera, doctor[…]

A diet good for everyone?

Nature has been telling us for ages: “Eat what has grown in your field and what was born on your farm, and everything in the least processed form”. vet. doc.  Jagoda Koniarek, MA Dominika Kuczyńska-Schulz The human organism doesn’t catch up with changes The basic processes of our organism are regulated by genes and physiology,[…]

Leukocytes – what are they?

Leukocytes – whatare they? Leukocytes together with red blood cells and platelets are among the most important components of blood. They are one of the immune system elements, which they create along with special proteins and the lymphatic organs: bone marrow, spleen, thymus, lymph glands and lymphoid nodules. The immune system is responsible for the[…]

Is it possible that foods cause headache?

Pro-inflammatory state mediators and the chronic inflammatory process exacerbated by foods triggering hypersensitivity reactions are all to blame. Jagoda Koniarek, DVM and dietetics and human nutrition specialist, LEAP Program Consultant Migraine headaches significantly lower the quality of life and affect around 25% of the population. They occur most frequently in people between the ages of[…]

Irritable bowel syndrome – bowels or head?

The bane of our times is the intensification of the occurrence of chronic, recurring ailments, such as IBS – Irritable Bowell Syndrome. The number of people suffering from these ‘non-specific’ ailments, described by the mysterious term ‘idiopathic’, is increasing year on year. Stomachache, flatulence, discomfort, constipation and diarrhea are becoming the everyday nightmare of millions[…]

Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle medicine is strictly connected with lifestyle. The 20th century is a period of quantum-leap progress in fighting illnesses and epidemics afflicting mankind. 20th century – a century of success in corrective medicine The number of infections significantly decreased, and the mortality of infants and women in the perinatal period dropped. It was thought that[…]

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